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Kid's Page

This page was designed for teachers to challenge the minds of their students. The Riddler has been kind enough to leave behind challenging puzzles to test the mind. Can the students solve them all??

For our fans of all ages, we hope you enjoy the different coloring pages.




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Other Challenges

Coloring Pages

Captain America POP.webp
Ironman POP.jpg
Winter Soldier POP.jpg
Hulk POP.jpg
Spiderman POP.jpg
Black Panther POP.jpg
Falcon POP.jpg
Starlord POP.jpg
Iron Patriot POP.jpg
Black Widow POP.jpg
vision pop.jpg
Captain Carter POP.jpg
Batman POP.jpg
Nightwing POP.jpg
Master Chief POP.jpg
Predator POP.webp
Supergirl POP.jpg
Superman POP.jpg
Wonder Woman POP.jpg
Green Lantern POP.jpg
Green Arrow POP.jpg
the flash pop.jpg
Xmen Pop.jpg
Grogu Pop.jpg
toothless POP.jpg
Power Ranger POP.jpg
Bumblebee POP.jpg
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